1-1 Training

Training is an important part of a dogs development – it is how they learn. Without regular training and mental stimulation your dog will find it difficult to concentrate and focus for long periods of time or in situations where there are distractions.
It is your responsibility to provide your dog with the most fulfilling life possible and to do this you must build a good relationship and be confident you can control your dog, if not for pleasure then for safety.


Why choose “One to One” training?


One to one dog training is usually successful as it is very thorough and personal to you and your dog. By working in your own home and environment we will be able to examine the issues at the source, rather than travelling somewhere unfamiliar and attempting to apply the theories yourself at home. It is more likely for your dog to perform in their normal manner if they feel comfortable and are at home. To assess accurately it is vital to see how your dog acts normally for you – either out on a walk or in your home. Often by taking your dog to a training centre you are removing them from their comfort zone and they will behave differently – usually better!

One to One training is definitely a good idea if you are struggling in particular areas such as; off lead recall, pulling on the lead, aggression, chasing livestock etc as each session is tailored to work directly on these issues. This means you are not wasting time and money doing set exercises and lessons that aren’t focused on what you need help with.

One to One training allows us to study your and your dogs behaviour in as much depth as possible – and actually get involved with the training rather then just telling you to “do this” and “try that”! By studying the relationship between you and your dog as an outsider it can be easier to see and explain why certain behavioural issues are occurring. We are watching from an un-biased position.

One to one dog training also provides the time to explain training techniques and equipment being used so you fully understand the method behind them. Our aim is to provide you with the correct knowledge and understanding so you can keep up the training independently and continue to see positive results.


The Benefits


By training your dog to a good level of obedience you will be able to trust them to behave confidently and socially acceptably in a number of different situations and around a variety of different animals. You will be able to feel confident and relaxed enough to let your dog investigate different things, knowing his behaviour will not be threatening to others nor will he be easily spooked.

You should develop a better understanding of how your dog is feeling so that you can help him overcome any worry or fear without adding to it.

Please remember that if you decide to do some training with your dog it does not mean that he has to have any serious problems to begin with. Maybe you just want to feel more in control on walks, or build a stronger relationship with your dog. You may also feel your dog has more to give and you are stuck with ways to stimulate his/her mind, or you just want to expand their skills and build up their confidence.


How to arrange your sessions


There are various ways to arrange your training sessions such as:

  • Book one session at at a time and pay for each individually – usually one a week
  • Book a block of sessions – usually either 5 or 10

You may want to spread sessions over a longer period of time or have a concentrated programme where they are closer together.
This depends greatly on what you want to achieve with your dog.
When you contact me I will arrange to come out and assess your dog. This includes coming out to see you and your dog at home, watching the way he behaves and watching the way you handle him. We may also go for a walk if that’s where the problems are. I will then discuss if I think I can help you and how to structure your training sessions.




If you bring your dog over to Bad-Dog & co at Scarcliffe we charge:

  • £20 for 40 minutes
  • £30 for 1 hour

Alternatively, I can come out to you and for this we charge:

  • £40 for 1 hour

If you decide to book a block of sessions and pay for them at the start you will receive over 10% off the full price.

  • Five 1 hour sessions: £135 / £180
  • Ten 1 hour sessions: £270 / £360

If you are interested in booking One to One Training or have any other enquiries please contact us


Aggressive Dogs Policy


Most dogs are aggressive because they are frightened and defensive. Aggressive dogs must be muzzled for training initially until I feel comfortable for it to be removed. This is for my own and other dogs safety.The best type of muzzle for your dog is a basket muzzle as your dog is still able to drink and pant whilst wearing it.