Gundog Training


The aim of Gundog Training is for you and your dog to perfect the skills and knowledge needed to successfully and safely work as a team in the shooting environment. This could either be picking up or beating on a small local Shoot or even on bigger more formal Shoots. You may need to work alongside others and their dogs or work independently with your dog. If you are a keen shooter you may also wish to train your dog as a peg dog.

If you don’t want to take your dog shooting there are working tests and field trials available to you once you have mastered the basics.

Even if your dog’s purpose is as a pet and you have no intentions of actually going shooting the Gundog Training can be a fun and interesting way to strengthen your relationship with your dog, build confidence and become more effective in handling and controlling him.

Gundog Training is mentally and physically stimulating for your dog as it uses a combination of obedience, hunting and retrieving. It is a very rewarding method of training for both you and your dog and extremely satisfying when you start to see your dog work for you and not just itself.

If your dog loves to retrieve (whatever breed) you will both benefit from this kind of training. Your dog will become more responsive and focused on you and should enjoy the interaction it provides – whilst still doing something he loves – ‘fetch’!


Reasons you may like to try Gundog Training


  1. You have a young dog you would eventually like to take shooting.
  2. You have a gundog that you are struggling to train yourself.
  3. You have already done basic obedience and would like to continue and do more advanced training with your dog.
  4. Your dog seems bored of basic obedience training and you feel this would make it more interesting for him.
  5. Your dog loves to fetch things and you would like to push this skill forwards.


Gundog Training covers a number of different areas including:


  • Basic retrieve including delivery and hold
  • Blind retrieves
  • Hunting and Finding
  • Whistle Work
  • Directional Work
  • Pick Ups and Scurrys
  • Multiple Dog Work
  • Quartering
  • Real Game practice (only available during season)
  • Gunshot desensitization and stop to shot work (only available out of shooting season)
  • Steadying work in the rabbit pen
  • Pointing
  • Jumping and water work (dependent on facilities to hand and weather conditions)





1 hour session (based at a local park or fields near you): £40

1 hour session (based at Bad-Dog and Co premises): £30

40 minute session (based at Bad-Dog and Co premises): £20


Residential Training

We can also offer residential training. This is charged at our normal Boarding kennel rate of £20 per night plus £20 per training session.

On average you should expect to be charged £220 per week for residential training



Summer Group Gundog Sessions


Gundog classes for advanced dogs only at the Bad Dog premises (dogs must already be trained to stop on the whistle and follow directions)

This will be for all those who wish to come and do some group training around other dogs


Please contact us to book or for more details