Sam is a friendly, intelligent, medium sized Labradoodle with super charged energy and some challenging behavioural traits from being a small puppy.

After two trainers, many training classes and lots of training books, it came to the point where it was either Sam or us – something had to give or go! As a last chance a friend recommended Emma to us and she arranged five one to one training sessions of an hour each for Sam (and us I guess!).

Emma went back to basics and brought in rigid discipline whilst giving us confidence to trust Sam more – and she had some shouting sessions at him !

I’m not quite sure how Emma achieved it , but right from the first lesson using a new type of lead, Sam has undergone a change of personality and is now a lovely family dog who lives for long walks off the lead ( he couldn’t be relied to come back before) and is learning more all the time at Emma’s weekly classes.

I believe Emma has a real gift for connecting with dogs and getting through to them and I would certainly recommend her to you.

David and Pat Shaw