Pet Sitting – not just for dogs!!

Pet-Sitting is an ideal service offered to pet owners who are going away and want to leave their pets in their own home. This could be for 1 night, a weekend or even 2 weeks.

You will be able to relax and rest in peace on your travels knowing that your pets are being looked after in their own home by a caring, trustworthy, reliable and experienced handler.

Perks of Pet-Sitting

  • Keeps your pets as comfortable and safe as possible
  • You have your house and belongings looked after at the same time
  • It reduces stress and anxiety for your pets as they stay in their own environment and keep a similar routine
  • It provides your pets with more exercise opportunities then a large establishment probably would
  • You tell me us how you would like your pets looking after so as to keep their routines as similar as possible

Prices of Pet-Sitting

Prices will be £40 per night no matter how many dogs, or other animals, you have.
(This will include day-time exercising, feeding and overnight stay)

If you would like your pet looked after at home whilst you are away please contact us.