About Bad-Dog and co

In 2006 I started working for Park Farm Dog Training and, under the watchful eye of Gundog Guru Jack Gretton, had the most wonderful dog training experience for the following 3 years.

In September 2009 Bad-Dog and co was born and I began my self-employed journey alone. I wanted the flexibility to be able to help my customers with their problems in their own environment as well as on site. On a number of occasions I had found when working at a common ground progress was made rapidly in the new environment, but at home people were still struggling and the problems that required fixing were still eminent. It made more sense for me to travel out to people where I could see the truth behind what was happening and help to set up and implement modification plans for the undesired behaviours.

Throughout the years I have been faced with many different scenarios and my first action is always to view and assess the behaviour and try to determine why it may be occurring. Then the task is how we can make a difference…..I have certain methods that have worked for me in the past but i am constantly discovering new ways to achieve our goals. I completely believe that one boot does not fit all as every dog and person is different.

My aim is to work on the lifelong relationship between you and your dog so that you can both get the most out of each others company without it feeling like a constant battle of misunderstanding! After all it is companionship we are striving to create – a familial relationship based around understanding what is expected how to reap the rewards. Training should always be fun and progressive for both parts.

Bad-Dog and co promotes the use of clear and kind, but also firm, methods of handling that try to make it easy for your dog to understand what you want. Dogs can often get confused if you treat them as you would a person and this can be a root of many problems. It is often just as important to teach you how to handle your dog correctly as it is to correct the dog’s behaviour. During training rewards are often used to encourage the dogs to cooperate and understand that through reward based systems we can achieve a happy and balanced relationship where our dogs want to please us. Plenty of verbal praise is the best way to show your dog he is being good but also food and toys may be used, especially in the initial training stages.

Training is not only for dogs that have behavioural issues. Maybe you just want to feel more in control on walks, or build a stronger relationship with your dog. You may also feel your dog has more to give and you are stuck with ways to stimulate his/her mind, or you just want to expand their skills.

Since it began Bad-Dog and co has grown to provide a multitude of services including Dog Walking, Pet Visits, Day Care, Dog Boarding and Pet-Sitting. Naturally I now have employees to help me accommodate these services, all of whom I hand pick personally. You can view our current team on the team page. I feel that the addition of these services was a natural progression for us. Having worked closely with both dog and owner during training and with trust and respect already established who better to leave your faithful companion under the care of. 

For me Bad-Dog and co was the best thing I ever did as I love working outside all day, being surrounded by dogs, meeting lots of new people and not having to leave my own dogs at home! 

If you are interested at all, or have any inquiries regarding dog training or other services please do not hesitate to contact us and we can be working with you very soon. Don’t struggle in silence!

Emma Darbyshire