Boarding Kennels

We are a small Boarding Kennels located in Scarcliffe, S44 6TG.



Our kennels are designed to meet and exceed the current conditions set for providing Boarding to dogs. Each kennel has a thermostatically heated sleeping area complete with raised bed. Our fully insulated kennels will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in the winter. They are indestructible, easy to clean and all have double air vents, a window and an access door as standard. The runs have built in drains and are fully covered for when it is raining. Each run also has 3/4 solid partitions so your dog cannot be upset by neighboring dogs.

The kennels are swept out or cleaned daily when necessary. Most dogs who come to stay are very clean in the kennels but if there is the odd accident it is dealt with straight away. We always use commercial kennel grade disinfectant when cleaning.

You are welcome to send any bedding, toys, treats in with your dogs and we will do our best to look after their belongings. Sometimes things can get destroyed or misplaced so please be aware of this when packing for your dog’s stay. We also have plenty of blankets and vet bed if you’d rather make use of ours. All our bedding (and yours if necessary and possible) is washed in a non-bio detergent and steriliser to ensure it is not only clean, but free of disease organisms, which can often be present after washing at low temperatures. It is sensitive to skin and coat.



We pride ourselves in the environment we are able to offer to the dogs that come to stay. With only a small number of kennels we feel we are;

  1. Successfully able to keep noise and stress levels to a minimum
  2. Able to create a natural environment where our dogs are exposed to natural light during the daytime and darkness at night through our open kennel design
  3. Able to provide adequate amounts of exercise and stimulation for each dog to feel happy and settled during its stay
  4. Competent in creating good relationships with the dogs in our care which helps to reduce  feelings of anxiety

All our dogs are exercised twice a day – once in the morning and again in the afternoon. This is adjusted to suit each dogs requirements. We can offer walks in the woods of varying lengths / distances or a run and play in the secure pen on the yard. Most of our dogs enjoy playtime on the front yard in the summer and especially a good forage in the stream. This can be on lead or off lead, individually or grouped. Our guests are also able to watch the comings and goings of the day to add to their mental stimulation.


We are happy to feed your dogs in line with their normal diet if you wish to bring it along with them. Whether it is dry, raw, home-cooked or tinned we can accommodate just let us know. We are also stockists of Heaven Scent grain free working dry dog food which you could purchase from us to use during their stay. All our dogs  and any that come in for training are fed on this food.



Before your dog’s stay it is always nice to organise a meet and greet. This allows your dog to become familiar with us and also the environment before it is left for a longer period.  Where dogs are particularly nervous I would always advise booking some 1-1 time where we can focus on familiarising and desensitising your dog. This will make a big difference for your dog when the time comes to leave him with us and is definitely worth the time and money.


Care Form

You will need to fill in a Care Form before you leave your dog with us. This can be done at the drop off time or can be sent out to you prior to this for you to complete in your own time. This is important as it enables us to care for your dog(s) to the best of our knowledge and ability.

What is included on the Care Form?

  • Details of Dog (name, age, breed, description, microchipped)
  • Dates of Stay
  • Health details (vaccinations, kennel cough, spayed/castrated, seasons, flead / wormed, health issues)
  • Contact details  (owner name, address, tel, emergency contact, vet)
  • Feeding Requirements
  • Exercise Requirements
  • Accommodation Requirements
  • Signatures (off lead permission / sharing accommodation permission / socialising permission
  • Optional extras (grooming, bathing, training)
  • Belongings



£20 per night (1 dog)

+ £5 per night per extra dog sharing

If you think we could be the perfect place to house your dog then please contact us